The right California king sheet set will take your bed from passable to perfection. Make sure that you're waking up in complete comfort by carefully choosing the right sheets for every season. In most climates, the bedding that's comfortable in summer won't work as well for winter. Use these tips to find the right bedding for any month of the year.

In warm summer months, you want a California king sheet set that's light and breathable. While you don't want to downgrade your thread count too much, moving from a 500 thread count to 300 will make the sheets a bit lighter without a great loss to quality. Choose 100% cotton for a smooth surface that's still cool and comfortable in the heat. When you have light sheets for the summer months, you can save money on your air conditioning by turning the thermostat up a few notches at night when you're not moving around. Pair your light summer sheet set with a comforter that's lightweight as well. Ditch any extra blankets in this season.

As you move into fall, adding a blanket to your bedding can take your summer sheets smoothly into the cooler months. If you're still feeling a bit chilly, try 100% cotton sheets with a thread count of 400 or 500, which will be a little heavier. These sheets are perfect for both fall and spring. If you change your bedding set seasonally, choose neutral-colored sheets that will match in both seasons.

For cold winter months, you should choose the heaviest and coziest California king sheet set that you can find. Cotton flannel is a great choice. These sheets will be soft and warm, to help you stay comfortable even when the temperatures are dropping outside the covers. Just as in summer, you can save on your heating and cooling bill by keeping the home closer to the temperature outside while you're sleeping. With warm flannel sheets, you won't even notice if you set the thermostat a few degrees cooler than normal.

When you're selecting any seasonal California king sheet set, make sure to choose the appropriate size for your mattress. Measure the thickness of the mattress and opt for deep pocket or extra deep pocket sheets if yours is thicker than 22". This will keep your bedding securely in place in any season. Bed Linens Etc. has you covered for great sheets year round.

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