The cost of decorating a house can be a daunting process. Depending on the size of the specific residence, costs to fill and decorate homes can range from a few thousand to more than ten thousand. Though all of the rooms require thought and preparation to ensure optimal results in the decorating process, designing the bedroom may be an especially challenging step. For most people, the bed is the focal point of the bedroom, and should be treated as such. Be sure to understand, know how to measure, and carefully evaluate the importance of becoming familiar with bedskirt drop to have a beautiful bedroom that will last for years. 

As mentioned above, having a basic understanding of bedskirt drop is essential for individuals who want to achieve great results with the style in their bedroom. Traditionally, bedskirt drop is defined as the amount of space between the box spring and floor in a specific style of bed. Depending on the bed spring itself, the amount of bed skirt drop that is calculated may vary quite substantially. In most cases, the more bedskirt drop, the more stunning the appearance of the bedroom in question.
So how, exactly, do you measure the drop of a specific bedskirt? As one might guess from the discussion above, the easiest way to determine bed skirt drop involves measuring the distance from the top of the bed spring to the floor, which can be done with a rule, tape measure, or other type of calculating device. To ensure optimal results when it comes to this step, decorators may want to consider measuring the area more than once.

So why, exactly, is it important to calculate the bedskirt drop? While this process may seem time consuming and unnecessary, it is actually quite important for people who wish to:
  • Have a sleek, well-styled bedroom
  • Avoid the bedskirt from  becoming dirty or damaged
  • Prevent return trips to the home decorating store. 
Finding the right bedskirt for a bed can definitely make or break the look of a room—and thus, measuring bedskirt drop is definitely an important process. Feel free to consult with experts for further questions about bed skirt drop, and how it can be affected by deep pocket and extra deep pocket sheets. 
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