Cal King Fitted Sheet 100% Cotton 500 Thread Count - Bed Linens Etc.
Cal King Fitted Sheet 72” by 84” 100% Cotton 500 Thread Count Cal King Fitted Sheet 100% Cotton 500 Thread Count - Bed Linens Etc.
$ 117.60

Sometimes part of the joy of going on vacation is being able to enjoy the high quality bedding that is used as luxury hotels. You can take that luxury home with you and enjoy it every night of the week with our 500 thread count fitted sheets that are sized to accommodate a California King sized bed. The all cotton sheets measure 72” by 84” and feature deep pockets that can fit mattresses with depths ranging from 6” to 16”. The sturdy elastic is seamlessly sewn into the edges to make sure that once your fitted sheets are in place, they will stay put, no matter how much you move when you sleep. The fit of these California King sized sheets it not the only effortless thing about them, and the high thread count of all cotton fibers gives you a sumptuous feeling surface to lie on that is smooth and supple and will not crease over the course of the night. All cotton also means that along with the extravagant texture of the sheets, you will have a natural breathability that can keep your mattress fresh, night after night. These luxury sheets are available in classic white and bone, so you can be assured of a clean crisp appearance and a cool and elegant feel.