Cal King Sheet Set 100% Cotton 300 Thread Count - Bed Linens Etc.
$ 93.00

The 300 thread count of these California King flat sheets provides extra softness and weight for the perfect all season flat sheet. Made from 100% cotton, the sheets also provide organic breathability for a restful night of sleep. The generous sizing of the flat sheets makes sure that your California King is completely covered with a little room to spare. All cotton sheets are some of the most comfortable and healthiest sheets to sleep on since they allow for air flow to reach your skin. This helps to alleviate the problem of constantly waking up in the night from being too hot or too cold. The 300 thread count is a nice mid weight that is still durable without feeling heavy. The thicker weave will feel smooth against your skin and insulate against night time coolness. A range of color options are also available for out California King flat sheets. You can choose from softer tones like bone, light blue, and honey, or take a bold step with onyx, gold, or navy blue. These flat sheets provide you with the lavish feel if all cotton cloth and the extra bonus of a solid weave and thread count. They are perfect for everyday use and help you glide into a good night’s sleep.

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