Full XXL Fitted Sheet 100% Cotton 400 Thread Count - Bed Linens Etc.
$ 98.00

Our 400 thread count, Full XXL fitted sheets give you a vast range of colors to choose from, so your 100% cotton bedding can be as bright and bold as it is comfortable. This heavier grade sheets are still exceedingly soft, since the combination of the cotton fibers and the weave of the 400 thread per square inch produces a lush fabric that lies smooth but has a slight velvety feel. Not only does the texture of this material feel and look great, but the color options will enhance the appearance of your bed set and add to the expression of your own personal style. These fitted sheets come in a number of solid colors, including white, navy, scarlet, and wine, and even have a white on white stripe version that creates the subtle illusion of embossing for a very elegant appeal. Along with this fine appearance, the 400 thread count Full XXL fitted sheets are designed to cover your bed with ease and impeccability. The dimensions of these sheets are 54” by 80” and the standard deep pockets work in mattresses that are between 6” and 16” in depth. This will ensure that your bed will look and feel wonderfully made at all times, with no slippage or loosening of the bottom sheet.