Full XXL Fitted Sheet 100% Cotton 500 Thread Count - Bed Linens Etc.
$ 125.00

If you want high quality bottom sheets for your Full XXL mattress, then our all cotton, 500 thread count fitted linens will be ideal. These sheets are designed to fit mattresses that measure 54” by 84” and the deep pockets will slide over beds that are up to 16” in depth. The 100% cotton material is woven from thoroughly combed and carded fibers, so that extra fluffiness and a plush feel is one of the attractive features of these sheets. The 500 thread count creates a heavier fabric that makes for a more cushioned surface to sleep upon and offers great durability and pliability which allows your sheets to last, even if you use them all the time. These finely crafted fitted sheets come in the classic shades of white and bone, which will ensure that your bed always looks elegant and well made. The deep pockets work with a range of mattress thicknesses, since springy elastic is sewn into the hems, and this hold the sheets firmly in place, without stretching or warping the fabric. These fitted sheets are luxury not just with fit, but also with the smooth and gentle feel that they offer your skin. The added cushioning is not only cozy, but will help keep you warm on colder nights.