Full XXL Fitted Sheet 50% Cotton 200 Thread Count - Bed Linens Etc.
$ 88.00

Wrinkle free sheets make doing the laundry much more fun, and fitted sheets that do not have to be ironed and will not crease as you lie on top of them create a much more relaxing attitude towards you bedding, that will help to inspire restful sleep. Our Full XXL fitted sheets have a carefree 50% cotton blend that lends itself well to high usage and a lot of washing. These sheets incorporate polyester into the material to add durability and to generate a fabric that is practically smooth right out of the dryer. These fitted sheets are cut and sewn not only to incorporate the dimensions of your Full XXL mattress, but also come with deep pockets for beds that are 6” to 16” in height. This will keep you from having to struggle with getting your sheets in place and afford you that much more free time to lie down and relax. Along with the 50/50 cotton poly blend, these Full XXL fitted sheets feature a 200 thread count that makes them light and smooth to the touch. The weave and the fiber content create a very soft and slightly silky fabric that still has a matte finish and is exceedingly comfortable to sleep upon.