Queen XL Fitted Sheet 100% Cotton 300 Thread Count - Bed Linens Etc.
$ 52.00

300 thread count sheets in 100% cotton offer a great mid weight sheet that is able to be used throughout the entire year. The natural fiber not only creates a plush softness for this fabric but gives it the dual quality of allowing for air flow and moisture wicking to keep you cool, while still offering a light density and insulating power that will keep out the cold and stabilize your body temperature. Our cotton fibers are thoroughly combed and carded to bring out the fluffiness of the cotton and this enhances the downy feel of the sheets. At 300 threads per square inch, the weave of the fabric is tight, but not without flow and suppleness, and this creates a slight sheen to the matte finish. You can feel this against your skin in the silky quality that the sheets afford and see it against the backdrop of the solid color choices offered on this linen. Our Queen XL fitted sheets are sized to accommodate the extra length on this mattress, with dimensions of 60” by 80”, and deep pockets will fit mattresses that are up to 16” in height. This creates a superior fit for a high quality linen.