Twin XL Flat Sheet 50% Cotton 200 Thread Count - Bed Linens Etc.
$ 32.10

Many people have personal preference for the type of fabric that their bedding is made from. Some people prefer a silkier feel, while others like fuzzy covers. Generally, though, people do expect that their sheets should be soft and flexible, and having the added benefit of easy care is another positive for the material of the linens. Our Twin XL flat sheets have a great mix of all these aspects and use a 50% cotton and polyester blend to create great suppleness, lightness, and a very smooth feel. The fiber blend is great for incorporating the natural absorbency of cotton with the tensile strength of polyester, so that the resulting sheet is both cozy and durable. The polyester also adds greater fluidity to the fabric, so that our Twin XL flat sheets will drape across you while you sleep, and move with you instead of against you. These sheets have a 200 thread count so they are nice and cool to the touch, and have an airiness that will not leave you feeling weighted down. The Twin XL sheets also come in a large range of colors, so that you can meet all your decorating and aesthetic needs. These sheets are great for everyday use, with a smooth finish and a light comfort that will lull you to dreamland.