Twin XXL Fitted Sheet 100% Cotton 400 Thread Count - Bed Linens Etc.
$ 85.00

400 thread count fabrics are a heavier weave of fabric although they are not bulky or stiff. In fact the weave of these 100% cotton linens makes them very flexible and supple and adds a slight sheen to the matte surface. As the basis for our Twin XXL fitted sheets, this material is a nice comfortable sleep surface that has a slight amount of cushion and is very gentle to the touch. When paired with the deep pockets on our Twin XXL fitted sheets, this linen makes an elegant looking bed that has a flatness to the flow and a light texture that is very reassuring. The deep pockets on the fitted Twin XXL sheets are part of what create this smoothness across the surface, since the cut of corner allows the sheets to fit beds that are between 6” and 16” in depth. The versatility of this cut is helped by the sturdy elastic hem that cinches the fabric across the surface of the mattress, giving it a flawless appearance. These well fitted sheets are also available in several solid colors, such as sage, navy, burgundy, and cranberry, so you can meet you decorating needs and your sleeping needs all at once.