Twin XXL Flat Sheet 100% Cotton 400 Thread Count - Bed Linens Etc.
$ 80.40

In an effort to give you best in quality bedding, we offer Twin XXL flat sheets in a 400 thread count that will provide you with the softness and durability that you demand from an all cotton sheet. The extra fabric used to make these sheets is cut long, so that your extended bed will be shrouded in coziness. You will be entranced by the feel of these 100% cotton sheets, which are woven to glide across your body as you settle down to rest. Thread counts are used to gauge both durability and density, and these plush sheets will provide you with both benefits. As you make your bed, you will notice how the Twin XXL flat sheets just flow over the surface, and as you are drifting to sleep, you will be able to feel how the natural fabric moves with you. This bedding will never feel constricting or scratchy, since the higher thread count adds both elasticity and breathability to the fabric. This is enhanced by the all cotton fiber content, as this natural thread has a superior ability to allow for airflow, and regulate your internal temperature through the night. When you demand the plush feel of a natural sheet for your Twin XXL bed, then these flat sheets will deliver with style and strength.