Full XL Fitted Sheet 100% Cotton 400 Thread Count - Bed Linens Etc.
$ 125.00

Higher thread counts add plushness and flexibility to your bedding, and our Full XL fitted sheets offer you 400 threads per square inch for a rich feel and a great wear. These sheets are sturdy enough for everyday use, and will stand up to extensive washing without fraying or tearing. The well crafted weave of the 400 thread count sheets creates a very soft and smooth texture that feels wonderful against your skin, and offers you some added depth between you and the surface of your mattress. This cushion effect is enhanced by the 100% cotton composition of the material, and will have you resting peacefully no matter how old your mattress may be. The cotton fibers are also highly breathable, so even if you need to use a liner on your bed, you will not feel suffocated or sticky, since the generous and natural material will help to pull moisture away from your skin, leaving you cool and refreshed upon awakening. The Full XL fitted sheets are not only designed to work with the added length of your model of bed, but also feature deep pockets that can fit mattresses between 6” and 16”. A great range of colors can complete your pleasant sleeping experience, offering you bold style options to complement your perfectly fitting sheets.