Queen XL Sofa Bed Sheet Set 100% Cotton 400 Thread Count - Bed Linens Etc.
$ 145.00

Few things are more convenient than pulling out the sofa bed when unexpected guests arrive. Even if you don’t use a sofa bed for guests, these pieces of furniture are incredibly functional if you live in a small space like a studio apartment, since you need your sofa to do double duty. But if you have ever slept a sleeper sofa you know how difficult it can be to keep standard sheets in place. The reason for this is that standard bedding is not designed to properly fit a sofa bed. Sofa bed mattresses are much thinner than traditional mattresses, some by as much as twenty inches, so oversized sheets end up shifting or coming off during the night. That’s simply unacceptable when you have guests over. Before you drive around town in vain looking for sofa mattress bedding, consider the amazing variety offered by Bed Linens Etc.

Most retail stores do not carry special sofa bed sheets and bedding accessories, so don’t waste time and gas hitting the major retailers. Do your shopping from the convenience of your own home. You can purchase our queen XL sofa bed sheet 400 thread count 100% cotton which features a flat sheet and fitted sheet sewn together for a snug fit on your mattress. The set also comes with two standard pillow cases in your choice of color. You owe it to your guests to plan ahead to make your sleeper sofa an inviting place at the end of the day.

Our silky soft queen XL sofa bed sheet set 400 thread count 100% cotton is American-made and specially designed to snugly fit those thinner sofa bed mattress corners without forcing them to bulge. The queen XL sofa bed sheet set 400 thread count 100% cotton is as beautiful as it is soft and fits sofa bed mattresses that measure 60” X 80.” If you prefer something else, we offer sofa bed sheet sets in a 200 thread count cotton blend and a 100% cotton 300 thread count. We also stock mattress pads to make your sleeper sofa more comfortable than ever.

You already know the value of an extra-long sleeper sofa, so treat it as good as your guests by buying bedding that’s designed to fit. You won’t have to worry about your guests losing sleep at night and they will be treated to a comfortable bed that’s just as relaxing as their own.


• Size - Queen XL Sofa Bed 60”x80”
• 400 thread count, 100% cotton
• Made in the USA
• Set includes: 1 flat sheet and1 fitted sheet sewn together at the foot (Attached)
• 2 standard pillowcases