Split Cal King Sheet Set 100% Cotton 300 Thread Count - Bed Linens Etc.
Split Cal King Sheet Set 100% Cotton 300 Thread Count Split Cal King Sheet Set 100% Cotton 300 Thread Count - Bed Linens Etc.
$ 287.00

Split California king bed sheets are a custom option that's been designed especially for the needs of therapeutic beds. These beds have two mattresses that sit right next to one another to create a complete California king bed. Each mattress measures 36" across and 84" long. Together, they form the traditional California king bed size of 72" wide. California king is a popular measurement for split beds because it's wide enough that each of the two mattresses still has ample space for moving around. If you don't want to be strictly confined to a small section of the bed, a California king is definitely the way to go with your split mattresses.

When you first bring your split California king bed home, you may be wondering just how you're supposed to dress this unique option. A single fitted sheet doesn't work very well, because the adjustments on one side of the bed will cause pulling and stretching of the sheets. When you have a therapeutic bed with a split mattress, the idea is to have the freedom of adjusting one side of the bed independent of the other. If you want your head elevated, it shouldn't yank upward on the sheets of your partner. That's why you really need to invest in the proper sheet set.

With these sheets, you have two separate fitted sheets for the individual mattresses of the Cal King bed. It's easier than ever to achieve supreme comfort with your bed when you have the proper split California king bed sheets. In addition to the separate fitted sheets, a split sheet set also has a single top sheet. Though the mattresses are split, they're set very close together with these types of beds, so you can still share your top sheet, blanket, and comforter easily.

There are lots of great benefits to investing in a split Cal King mattress. You can say goodbye to nights of tossing and turning and mornings with aches and pains when you invest in the proper mattress for your needs. Once you've chosen your dream mattress, picking out split California king bed sheets as a finishing touch is easy. Bed Linens Etc. has split California king bed sheets that are perfect for this type of bed. No matter what material, color, or thread count you're interested in, you'll find a sheet set here that meets your needs.


• Size - Split California King 2 – 36”x84”
• 300 thread count
• 100% cotton
• Available in various pocket depths
• Made in the USA
• Set includes: 1 flat sheet, 2 fitted sheets (36”x84”) 2 king pillowcases