Full Fitted Sheet 100% Cotton 500 Thread Count - Bed Linens Etc.
$ 150.00

For a generous linen that will give you all the joy of 100% cotton in a 500 thread count, our Full fitted sheets will feel smooth beneath your body, and improve the overall looks and comfort of your bed. These fitted sheets have deep pockets as a regular feature and will accommodate mattress that are between 6” to 16” inches thick. Even if your mattress is on the lower side of this depth range, these fitted sheets have a sturdy elastic sewn into the hem. This will not only keep your sheets in place, but will also pull them smooth, without distorting the bias of the fabric. The texture of these 500 thread count sheets is incredibly smooth, since the fine weaving creates a very flat looking material. This also keep the sheets from wearing thin and fraying, so you will not need to worry about imperfections, no matter how often you put them on your bed. The quality of these Full fitted sheets will make you feel as though you are sleeping on a bed of billowing air, and the 100% cotton composition creates an ideal surface for health sleeping. The opulent sheets are available in bone and in white, which adds to the classy appeal of these high grade linens.