Full XL Fitted Sheet 50% Cotton 200 Thread Count - Bed Linens Etc.
$ 56.00

Linens should not only be exceedingly comfortable to help induce sleep, but should also be easy to care for, to reduce stress during the day. If you want your bed to look wonderful all the time, than a light, wrinkle retardant fabric could be ideal to keep you cozy, and keep you from having to constantly press your sheets. We offer Full XL sized fitted sheets that have a great 50% cotton blend that is durable and easy to care for. However, you are not sacrificing softness and style with these 200 thread count fitted sheets, since the fiber blend also incorporates polyester. The 50/50 cotton poly blend not only resists creasing, but also has a smooth texture that is slightly silky without being too slippery. The blend also creates good insulation without added weight, as the polyester is pliable and strong, while the cotton has a natural airiness and a very lush feel. Our Full XL fitted sheets not only offer you the extra length to fit your mattress, but also come with deep pockets that can work with bed between 6” and 16” inches deep. This ensures that the surface of your bed will always look crisp and inviting, and keep you from the annoyance of bunched sheets at night.