Full XL Flat Sheet 50% Cotton 200 Thread Count - Bed Linens Etc.
$ 56.00

The proper size flat sheets are essential to making sure that you stay covered and warm throughout your night’s rest. An XL full mattress is slightly longer than a regular full, although it is still the same width. These mattresses are ideal for taller people, but do require specially sized sheets. Our XL full flat sheets give you that difference in length with the dimensions of 81” by 96” and come in a 50/50 cotton poly blend. This fabric is both soft and smooth to touch and combines the natural airiness of cotton with the wrinkle retardant effects of polyester. The polyester also adds a bit of elasticity and silkiness to the cloth. A 200 thread count offers a nice lightweight sheet that can be used throughout the year and will still hold up over many washings. These XL full flat sheets are available in an array of colors from neutral tones to bold primaries. You can mix different color flat sheets with duvets and pillow cases for a modern look or match all your sheets to suit the décor of the room. These durable blended sheets will feel cool for an effortless sleep, but still provide insulation and warmth to keep you cozy.