Full XXL Flat Sheet 100% Cotton 400 Thread Count - Bed Linens Etc.
$ 107.80

Soft and supple fabric comes together with quality manufacturing in our all cotton XXL full flat sheets. The percale type weave of these 400 thread count sheets offers a smooth finish with a supple undertone to the cloth. This keeps the sheets from feeling overly stiff and allow for a good air exchange while still keeping the fibers tight enough to be insulating. The 100% cotton content is loomed to create a sumptuous texture that is fine without being slippery. These XXL full flat sheets are also cut generously long in order to accommodate the several extra inches that are featured on this mattress type. Tall people will love being able to sleep without having their toes exposed, and still being able to roll over and stay fully covered. The XXL full sized flat sheets come in a wide variety of shades that are dyed with care to make certain that coordinating with other bedding components will never be an issue. The cotton cloth is also a great medium for colors and dyes, since it absorbs the pigment fully, and will not rub off on the skin of the sleeper. These XXL full flat sheets are a great choice in terms of feel and material, and will assist in countless hours of restful sleep.