Pillowcases 100% Cotton 400 Thread Count - Bed Linens Etc.
Pillowcases 100% Cotton 400 Thread Count - Bed Linens Etc. Pillowcases 100% Cotton 400 Thread Count - Bed Linens Etc.
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If you have sensitive skin or a tendency to drool at night, you will want to pay special attention to the type of pillow cases that you put under your skin. Over time, pillow cases can experience a buildup of bacteria that can irritate skin, especially if you choose harsh, scratchy fabrics that won't stand up to a good washing. With pillow cases 400 thread count, you can be sure that you have bedding that will not only feel soft under your skin, but also stand the test of time. These are crafted from 100% pima cotton, for the softest, most luxurious feeling out there.

The higher the thread count, the softer the cotton sheets will be. Although pillow cases 400 thread count aren't the highest thread count on the market, they are still extremely soft, because they have 400 threads for every square inch of fabric. Once you have decided that cotton is the best material for you, you can look at all the different colors and styles of pillow cases out there. Some people choose to purchase their pillow cases at the same time as the rest of their bedding, so that it all matches or is the same color. Others may prefer their pillow cases to stand out with contrasting colors and patterns.

There are many different colors to choose from, so it's worth browsing through all of these different options to find the best fit for your interior decorating needs. A good pillow case can make your night of sleep better, so it's worth spending a little bit of time to choose the right ones. In addition to pillow cases 400 thread count, you can also look at flannel or satin pillow cases, depending on the climate and the type of texture that you prefer to sleep on in most cases. It's a good idea to avoid pillow cases with synthetic dyes or other potential irritants, however.

Most experts recommend owning several pairs of pillow cases, so that you can rotate them for regular washing. This will help kill any bacteria that might accumulate over time, keeping your face safe and your bedroom as clean as possible.

Pillow cases are sold in pairs.