Queen Bed Skirt 100% Cotton 400 Thread Count - Bed Linens Etc.
$ 111.00

Dress up the look of your bed with a beautiful Queen bedskirt from Bed Linens Etc. Our 100% cotton, Queen bed skirts in 300 thread count are made especially for Queen beds, 60"x80", Our Queen bed skirts are available in different drops, 14", 16”, 18", 21" and 24". To make sure you have the correct drop measure from the top of your box spring to the floor. If you need a different size drop we can custom make you a Queen bed skirt with any drop. Simply call or email us at sales@bedlinensetc.com.
We offer our Queen bedskirts in three different styles tailored, tailored with a side pleat, or ruffled, and a several colors in our 100% cotton 300-thread count.
Our Queen bedskirts / Queen dust ruffles are three sided, have split corners, and a platform attached. It is made to go on top of your box spring, under the mattress.

• Size – Queen, 60”x80”
• 100 % cotton, 300 thread count
• Styles - Tailored, Tailored with a side pleat, or Ruffled
• Available in 14”, 18", 21" and 24" drops - custom drops available.
• Split corners
• Easy Care bed skirt, machine washable.
• Made in USA