Queen Sheet Set 50% Cotton 200 Thread Count - Bed Linens Etc.
$ 114.80

Selecting the best queen sheet sets may not seem so important. But, think about it. You spend up to nine hours a day in bed. You need to remember this when selecting your sheet sets. What thread count will give you the comfort you need? What color will best fit with your décor? Is the quality the level you want? You can select just what you want from our wide assortment of sheet sets. We want to bring the best in comfort and quality to our customers. When you want to update your sheet sets, give us a look.

Queen sheet sets are easy to find, you might say. But, why settle for what you can find in a store? You can find queen sheets here that fit your every requirement. For example, do you have a tall modern mattress? Some sheet manufacturers you find in a department store have not realized this fact of life. The deeper mattresses we use today require deeper pockets than before. Here, we offer deep pockets standard on our sheet sets. These deep pockets handle mattresses up to 16" tall. But, if you have an even loftier mattress, we have an optional extra deep pocket for mattresses up to 22" dept.

Your choice of fabrics for your queen sheet sets will make a big difference. Cotton is a great choice for bed sheets. Cotton's natural fibers work well because they breathe naturally and provide a soft feeling against the skin. We offer 100% cotton fabrics as well as a nice polyester cotton blend. Thread count makes a big difference. We offer thread counts ranging from 200 to 1000. The higher the thread count, the better your skin will feel. We have Egyptian and Pima cotton as well as flannel and bamboo. You will find the right fabric for your bed today.

Color is a personal choice for most everyone. You likely want a color that coordinates with what you already have. Or you might be looking for a new look for your bedroom. We offer an assortment of colors in our fabrics that allow you to customize your look. We also offer shams, comforters, and bed skirts so you can complete the look you want. Here, at Bed Linens Etc., we want you to have the choices you need to make your room your own personal haven. Go looking through our assortment and find the bedroom you want.