Queen XL Flat Sheet 100% Cotton 400 Thread Count - Bed Linens Etc.
$ 93.60

The added softness of our 400 thread count Queen Xl flat sheets is due to the extra fiber content that is in this quality fabric weave. Our sheets are made of all cotton threads that have been carded and combed before they are constructed into a beautiful material that will contribute to your rest and relaxation. These flat sheets are easy on the skin and easy on the eyes, as they are plush and velvety with a large selection of colors for your perusal. The 100% cotton makeup of the fabric is a great surface for holding bold shades and pastels, and this will keep the look or your sheets true to the day you first got them. The cotton is also a wonderful material in terms of allowing your skin to breathe, and the combination of the fiber and the 400 thread count weave creates a sheet that moves with you through the night, so you will not feel constricted or bogged down. Our Queen XL flat sheets offer a greater size than standard queen sheets, which afford you more coverage and can accommodate several unconventional mattress sizes. Your senses will delight from the look and the feeling of these sheets, and your body will thank you for the wellbeing experienced after a great night’s sleep.