Queen XL Flat Sheet 50% Cotton 200 Thread Count - Bed Linens Etc.
$ 64.40

Color can change the entire mood of a room, and be uplifting for emotions. Our XL Queen flat sheets provide you with a rainbow of options that will not only be able to match your decorating style, but will also be able to match your personality. These 200 thread count sheets are available in neutral tones like white and onyx, for those who prefer a more staid looking bedroom. Bold colors like red, blue, and yellow are available as well, and the softer or brighter tones like pink, lavender, sage, and orange can be a refreshing lift after a good night’s sleep. The XL Queen flat sheets come in an easy to care for 50% cotton, 50% polyester blend. This gives the fabric a tantalizing smoothness to the touch and an elasticity that lends itself to years if use. The easy to care for material is also generally wrinkle resistant, so you can take your sheets right out of the dryer and on to the bed. The XL Queen flat sheets have a generous area that will make certain you are covered and cozy through the night. These inviting sheets come in an inviting array of shades that will help you relax into sleep and wake up feeling revitalized.