Split Cal King Fitted Sheet 100% Cotton 500 Thread Count - Bed Linens Etc.
$ 200.00

All styles and models of mattresses should be able to have the bedding that will be most comfortable on your skin and most restful to your body. Some models seem to have a limited amount of options, but you no longer need to settle for substandard linens just because you chose a special bed. Both your mattress and your linens are very personal and they should fit together in a way that inspires rest and relaxation. The Split California King mattress is made from two smaller beds that are put together and while this is sometimes a makeshift combination, other times it is an actual manufactured model. Often people will use a regular California king fitted sheet to hold their two flat beds together, but some styles of this bed are meant to have separate sides, such as adjustable or air mattresses. When this is the case, and actual Split California King fitted sheet is required. These fitted sheets are actually a set of two so that each side if the bed has the freedom to adjust individually. Since mattress depths can vary, these sheets have deep pockets that will handle up to 16” of thickness. The sheets are still high quality, with a 500 thread count and a rich 100% cotton fiber content, so that you will feel pampered by the smooth and rich texture of this superior weave.