Split Cal King Fitted Sheet 50% Cotton 200 Thread Count - Bed Linens Etc.
$ 103.60

Easy to care for sheets that are low maintenance can be a must for Split California King fitted sheets. This model of bed consists of two mattresses that are put together to form a larger one, and partners will sleep on opposite sides according to comfort levels. Each of the two fitted sheets for a Split California King measure 36” by 80” so the sheets will often receive a different amount of wear, even if they are laundered at the same time. Our Split California King sheets come in a 200 thread count with a 50% cotton blend that creates a durable but soft material for sleeping on. The 50/50 cotton and polyester blend provides natural airflow and a gentle feel on the skin, but also allows for wrinkle free washing and drying and a more pliable fabric. This ensures that wear and tear from sleeping will not fray or thin the sheets, so that both sides of the bed will always look even. These fitted sheets do come in a range of colors as a pair, although you cannot mix the colors of the different sides. These fitted sheets feature a deep pocket for mattresses up to 16” in height and the lightweight sheets will always fit smoothly with the perfect sizing.