Split Queen Fitted Sheet 50% Cotton 200 Thread Count - Bed Linens Etc.
$ 89.60

Split sized mattresses have traditionally been formed by placing two smaller beds together in order create a larger standard sized bed. However, the support and feel of a mattress can be very personal and even partners who live together may come to find that they rest easier on a bed that is specific to their preferences and needs. With this in mind, major manufacturers have begun to create split mattresses that are contained in one unit, but still function independently. To this end, Split Queen fitted sheets are actually designed to be individual fitted sheets that fit together in the same bed unit. A Split Queen fitted sheet will be made from the same fabric, but will not be one large design. In the 200 thread count, 50% cotton blend, a Split Queen fitted sheet will be a set of linens with the dimensions of 30” by 80” and each one features a deep pocket to accommodate differences in height between the two sides of the bed. The deep pockets will fit a depth of 6” to 16” which is ideal for adjustable units. The lightweight 200 thread count fabric is very flexible and soft, so it will easily move with any adjustments that are made, without creasing or coming undone. This provides cozy bedding for personalized sleep comfort.