Three Quarter Fitted Sheet 50% Cotton 200 Thread Count - Bed Linens Etc.
$ 50.40

Although Three Quarter sized mattresses are designed to fit antique beds, most of the mattresses are a modern version of an older style. This means that there will be variations in thickness that will also need to be considered when looking at fitted sheets. Three Quarter mattress dimensions are 48” by 75”, which falls between other standard sizes and does require special sheets. Our Three Quarter fitted sheets also come with deep pockets to fit mattress heights from 6” to 16” and ensure that your bedding is flat and smooth. Although the size is more antiquated, our sheets are not, and the 200 thread count with a 50% cotton blend offers a modern solution of ease and efficiency when managing your linens. This blend is unique in that it is wrinkle resistant and both light but breathable. We also have full range of colors that can add some boldness to your older style bed. Shades like sea foam, black, red, and orange will brighten the look of your mattress and but a less dated appearance to your bedroom suite. If you prefer to stay within the period, we also offer white, bone, and lavender to keep the feel of the bedding coordinated with the bed.