Twin Fitted Sheet 50% Cotton 200 Thread Count - Bed Linens Etc.
$ 44.80

Twin fitted sheets are a fairly standard size and these sheets are cut to fit a surface area of 39” by 75”. Some mattresses may appear visually as though they are the same dimensions, so it is always important to take proper measurements, even if you think you are sure of a size. Another number to be aware of is the depth of your mattress, as this can differ between brands and manufactures. A few extra inches in height could skew your sheets entirely and cause uneven wear that will make them become uncomfortable. Our fitted sheets have deep pockets as a standard in order to take some of the concern out of getting the right fit. The deep pocket on our Twin fitted sheets will cover a bed that is anywhere between 6”to 16” in height. With our 200 thread count, 50% cotton blend, this will not only guarantee that the sheets do not pull off the bed while you are sleeping but is will also make sure that this light fabric stays billowy and flat on your bed. The 50/50 cotton and polyester mix is very smooth and comfortable and will not wrinkle easily, but if you are pulling your sheets out of shape with an improper fit, even these linens might have to give in.