Twin XL Fitted Sheet 50% Cotton 200 Thread Count - Bed Linens Etc.
$ 89.60

Twin XL fitted sheets are several inches longer than a regular twin and these sheets are designed to fit a mattress with a 39” by 80” area. Since mattresses will often vary in depth between manufactures, we have all of our fitted sheets designed with a deep pocket. This means that the fitted sheets can cover any mattress between 6” and 16” in height, without straining the fabric or stretching it out of shape. Although the 200 thread count and 50% cotton blend of these fitted sheets is extremely pliable, pulling any fabric against its grain can cause improper wear and weak spots. The 50% cotton and polyester blend of the 200 threads per square inch material is amazingly durable and easy to care for. Cotton offers a wonderful breathability to the cloth and allows for a plush softness. The polyester provides tensile strength, flexibility, and smoothness, and creates a wrinkle resistant linen that is easy to wash, dry and change over. These Twin XL fitted sheets also come in a variety of solid colors, so that you can dress your bed up or down, depending upon your mood. Ultimately, the superior fit and the richly smooth softness of these sheets will ease you into a comfortable sleep with a cozy surface to sleep on.