Twin XXL Flat Sheet 50% Cotton 200 Thread Count - Bed Linens Etc.
$ 51.80

Twin XXL flat sheets are manufactured to fit the extended length of this style of mattress by offering a larger cut of fabric. Our Twin XXL flat sheets are available in a unique 50% cotton blend, which provides you with superior comfort and smoothness and a sheet that practically irons itself. The secret to the ease of care on these 200 thread count sheets is the combination of cotton and polyester. Cotton as a natural fiber has a great breathable quality that also allows for moisture to be drawn away from the body. The polyester fibers add both suppleness and fluidity, and create a great insulating quality to this light weight sheet. These Twin XXL flat sheets can be taken right from the dryer and put on the bed, and shaking them out will easily remove any creasing that may have occurred. A very soft and flowing sheet is made from the fabric of this 50% cotton and polyester blend, and the 200 thread count offers an even better airiness that will leave you feeling refreshingly cool upon awakening. The Twin XXL flat sheets will allow you to tuck in the covers at the foot of your longer bed with no worries that they will come undone while you are sleeping.