If you are the proud owner of a sofa bed, you probably already know the advantages. Sleeper sofas are versatile, stylish, and functional. When you need to save money on furniture, a sofa bed is a smart move. Investing in one piece of furniture that acts as two is a wise decision when money is tight. Having a sofa bed is also one of the best ways to save space in a smaller home or in one without an existing spare bedroom. Your guest bedroom is your sofa. This allows you to free up tremendous amounts of space in your home that you can dedicate to other things, which comes in handy if guests visit only once in a while.

Most sofa beds come standard with a low quality mattress. For those wanting to give their guests the best in comfort, this simply will not do. Upgrading your lower quality sofa bed mattress to a plush, high quality counterpart will still cost less than buying both a traditional sofa and separate guest bed. No matter which size sofa bed you choose, twin, full, queen, Olympic queen, or king, mattress pads are available to make your guest bed experience even better. If you plan to use the sleeper sofa bed yourself on a regular basis, it’s a good idea to purchase both a deluxe sofa bed mattress and sofa bed mattress pad.

Of course the right bedding will only perfect your sofa bed sleeping experience. Sofa bed mattresses are different from traditional bed mattresses. They are thinner, usually 4-6 inches, and standard sheet sets will not fit a sofa bed mattress properly. Before you cover up your sofa mattress with ill-fitting sheets, consider purchasing sofa bed sheets. Regular bed sheets will have to be folded under the sofa bed mattress and this causes sheet slippage and bunching during the night. It’s an uncomfortable position for your guests to be in.

Whether you prefer a 200 thread count cotton blend or a 400 thread count 100% cotton set, Bed Linens Etc., has the bedding to suit your needs. Choose from high quality cotton sheets, hypoallergenic bamboo sheets, or cozy double-brushed Portuguese flannel sheets. There is no need to buy separate flat and fitted sheets because both sheets are sewn together to create a special design that will not bunch, slip, or come off the sofa bed mattress during the night. It’s the most comfortable way to enjoy the most versatile piece of furniture you can own.


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