When you're setting up a sofa bed, you should take the time to include all the same bedding pieces that you would want on your own bed. The sofa bed is usually used for guests, so you want to make sure that you're only offering the very best to your visitors. Splurge on nice sheets, blankets, and a quality comforter. Building your sofa bed from the bottom up will help ensure that you're able to give your visitors the best and most comfortable experience possible in your home. The first thing you need to consider is your sleeper sofa mattress pad.

The mattress pad is something that's often overlooked, but this is an important part of dressing up any bed. A sleeper sofa mattress pad is especially important because sofa beds tend to be a bit thin and can become uncomfortable without any padding. When you add a quality mattress pad to the bed, it instantly feels thicker and more plush. The mattress pad also offers a nice buffer between the mattress and the sleeper. If there's a spill, the mattress pad will help absorb it before it reaches the mattress. It will also keep the mattress cleaner overall.

If you're having children over who will sleep in the bed, you may want to consider a sleeper sofa mattress pad that's waterproof. You can either choose a plush mattress pad with a waterproof lining, or layer a plastic waterproof pad with a second, plush mattress pad. Either plan ensures that your bed is safe from the worst spills or stains from children who may still wet the bed. You should always remove and launder the mattress pad between visitors. Bed Linens Etc., has lots of quality mattress pads that are durable and easy to wash along with your sheets. Bed Linens Etc. also has sofa bed sheet sets made especially for sofa beds.

After your visitors have left, launder the sheets and sleeper sofa mattress pad. While it's tempting to just store the pad right there on the mattress, it's better to keep it elsewhere until your next visitors come. A sleeper sofa folds right back into the couch when it's not in use. If your family eats on or near the couch, crumbs and other pieces of dirt can easily make their way between the cushions and into the bed. Keep the bed as bare as possible and vacuum it before you add the mattress pad and sheets. This will ensure that your visitors always have a fresh clean bed to enjoy.


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