Olympic queen flannel sheets are a cozy and luxurious choice that's especially well-suited to cold climates and seasons. If you like to be nice and warm at night, you'll love the feeling of some of the quality flannel sheet sets available from Bed Linens Etc. Here are five reasons that you'll absolutely fall in love with your flannel sheets.
  • Flannel sheets are much softer and warmer than traditional cotton sheets, or other similar blends. If you enjoy the feeling of flannel pajamas in winter, you can surround yourself with this warmth all around by choosing Olympic queen flannel sheets.
  • Since flannel sheets are thicker than other options, they're also more durable. Your flannel sheet set will last much longer than other sheets in the household. This makes them a great investment on any budget.
  • Warm flannel sheets will help you save on your heating bill. When you have thick, comfortable sheets, you can turn your thermostat down several additional degrees. Over the course of the season, this can add up to major savings on your energy bill.
  • There are lots of different options in flannel sheets. While all types of flannel are soft and warm, some are thicker than others. You can find sheets for every part of the winter and fall seasons with these options. Use a lightweight flannel as the season is just changing and switch to heavier Olympic queen flannel sheets when you hit the dead of winter.
  • Flannel sheets for the winter months offer a great excuse to change your bedding along with the season. Switch to a festive hunter green or bright crimson. Your bedroom can be as well-decorated as the rest of the house with the right flannel sheets.


If you're sold on the benefits of flannel sheets, all that's left to do is pick out a pair. There are lots of options available from Bed Linens Etc. The Olympic queen flannel sheets come in several different colors. If you have a thick mattress that's more than 6" deep, you can also choose flannel sheets with a deep pocket. This is ideal for beds with a mattress topper or other accessory that makes the mattress thicker than normal. Deep pockets fit beds up to 16" deep, while extra deep pockets are made for beds up to 22" deep. Whatever size you're looking for, order your flannel sheets now so you can look forward to a cozy winter season.

At Bed Linens Etc. we also carry Olympic Queen Mattress pads to compliment your Olympic Queen Sheet sets.


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