California king beds are the largest option available. Measuring an impressive 72" across and 84" long, this bed can comfortably accommodate any individual or couple. California king mattresses are especially well-suited to tall individuals who may be uncomfortable in a shorter bed. To really get the most out of your bed, you need to take the time to choose the right California king bed sheets. 

The most important variable when you're looking at sheets is the thread count. If you've never been shopping for sheets before, you may be somewhat confused by this number. Thread count is the number of threads that are woven into each square inch of fabric. Though you can't see each and every thread with the naked eye, just imagine what a weaving with 100 threads per inch would look like versus one with 200 or 300 threads. You can immediately understand the difference that this little number can make.

The higher the thread count is, the thicker the fabric will be. This results in more durable and comfortable California king bed sheets. Using a traditional weaving method, the highest thread count you can achieve is 400. However, newer methods in weaving, such as using 2-ply yarn or multiple picks, can result in thread counts that are even higher. While thread count is very important, some manufacturers have tried to capitalize on this too much, by using complex methods of weaving just to get a higher thread count, regardless of the actual quality of the sheets.

Up to a thread count of 300, you'll notice a significant difference in the feel of the sheets. Beyond 300, though, most California king bed sheets will feel similar. In some cases, a 500 thread count will be less comfortable than a 300 thread count because the lower count was constructed with higher quality material. Make sure you understand what your sheets are made from so you can get an accurate understanding of how they'll feel.

California king bed sheets that are made from 100% cotton are one of the most popular options. These sheets are breathable, smooth, and very comfortable. For added warmth, cotton flannel is a good option. Before you place your order, measure the depth of your bed to make sure your sheets will fit right. Deep pocket and extra deep pocket sheets are available for thick mattresses, so you don't have to worry about corners slipping off as you're drifting off to dreamland. Bed Linens Etc., has something to fit every bed.

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