Many people don’t realize that a king bed is the same size as two twin XL (extra long) mattresses put together.  However, some savvy consumers have used this knowledge to save money on mattresses and easily fit them through small doorways and openings.  Manufacturers have used this knowledge to create split king beds that are adjustable.  Some are therapeutic beds that are moveable similar to a hospital bed, where the back of the mattress behind the shoulders and head, the feet, or the knees can be elevated for added comfort or health reasons independent of the other half of the bed.  Others adjust hardness or softness levels to the preference of each sleeper.  If you any of these types of beds, your life can be made easier with split king bed sheets.

Split king bed sheets in a set come with two fitted twin XL sheets, one flat king sheet, and two king pillowcases.  This makes changing sheets on the smaller mattresses easier.  It also helps adjustments to either side to affect the partner less.  Many can afford two higher quality twin mattresses than one high quality king mattress.  Some of these have pillow tops or memory foam toppers.  The added depth to the mattress can make normal sheets pop off.  It also makes it a struggle to put them on. Split king sheets can also come in deep pocket or extra deep pocket versions.

Let’s talk dimensions.  Before you purchase split king bed sheets, you should be an informed consumer.  Know the dimensions of your particular bed.  You might have an extra long split California king.  Do you need deep pockets or extra deep for your mattresses?  The twin XL mattresses on a typical split king bed measure 39 inches in width and 80 inches in length.  Deep pocket sheets will fit bed that have a depth between six and sixteen inches, while extra deep pockets sheets are for those beds that fall between sixteen and twenty-two inches deep.


You also don’t have to give up luxury just because you have an economical, therapeutic, of comfort adjustable split king bed.  Manufacturers make high quality split king bed sheets out of Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton, cotton/polyester blend, bamboo, and more.  There is even flannel split king sheet sets for those colder climates.  Thread count affects the silkiness and smoothness of your sheets, by indicating how many threads are in each square inch of the sheet fabric.  Going below 200 thread count will seriously sacrifice comfort levels.

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