Bed sheets can be fun to shop for so long as you know the dimensions of your bed and its mattress. But, what if you have a split king bed? You will need split king bed sheets then. What type of bed is this actually? A ‘split king’ bed is actually two extra, extra large twin mattresses placed together. They have the dimensions of 36 inches by 85 inches. Why is this bed like this? It’s designed this way so that each sleeper has the ability to change the individual position of the bed. For example, the sleeper on the left may prefer a higher incline to breathe easier. While the sleeper on the right likes a lower incline on the legs for better circulation. 
These are basically your therapeutic beds that allow various comfort levels for each sleeper. Since these split king beds are specialized and new, therapeutic bed owners have trouble finding quality bed sheets for them. It can be difficult to find linens for this type of bed. Some owners make their own, but come on, do you really want to hunt down the material for this and sew them yourself? I think I’d rather buy them. Most of these are typically bought online since they’re not often found in regular department stores. Looking into specialty bed linen stores online is a great way to find split king bed sheets.
A good online bed linen store will stock many different colors, styles and fabrics so you can shop with ease. Some offer deep pockets of split king bed sheets. Deep pocket bed sheets allow you to fully cover your mattress. With a high thread count and sturdy elastic banding, they remain in place and not turn with you when you sleep. Deep bedding pockets start at 6 inches and go up to 16 inches. Extra deep bed sheet pockets will go from 16 inches to 22 inches in depth. This all depends on the depth of your split king bed.
Always make sure you know the dimensions of your split king bed. You don’t want to over shoot the length or width and purchase split king bed sheets that are too large. Or, do the opposite and buy them too small. Always try to purchase a higher thread count too. Another good option is to buy a Split King Mattress Pad. This way you are guaranteeing yourself a comfortable sleep. We all know having the perfect place to sleep at night is what we want in order to wake refreshed and ready to go the next day. 
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