There are certainly many varieties of beds out there, but when it comes to a luxuriously-sized bed with great versatility, many people choose a split king.  Essentially, a split king is two extra long twin mattresses on the same bed frame.  Couples enjoy the ability to have enough room to spread out on their own separate bed or lay close together, all without the need to move furniture.  Many times, split king beds come with the ability to raise and lower the head and foot portion for added comfort.  Since the mattresses are divided, one partner can move their bed without disturbing the other person.  If this is the kind of bed you want, you will need to look into split king sheets.

Along with the ability to move the head or feet of mattresses to separate levels of height, movement from one partner cannot be felt by the other on these kinds of beds.  This is an excellent alternative to being woken up by your partner, especially if you are a light sleeper and find it difficult to fall back to sleep.  If you want to avoid needless fights with your partner, split king sheets on your separate, but put together, mattresses could be the ideal solution.

The versatility continues because, should you need a bed for your guestroom, this is the ideal choice.  If you have two people visiting who are not in an intimate relationship, you can easily separate the beds and provide two extra long twin beds for each guest.  When you have a couple visiting who want to sleep in the same bed, slide the mattresses together to form a split king.  When pushed together, you will need to buy split king sheets that can fit a mattress with dimensions of 76” to 78” wide and 80” long.  These are about the same dimensions as a standard king, but the separate mattresses give it an added appeal.

When choosing sheets, you will find a number of options.  Whatever you choose, you will want to be sure that your set comes with one king-size flat sheet, two extra long twin fitted sheets, and two king-size pillow cases.  This combination will not be found in another other sheet set than one designed to fit a split king.  It is important that all your sheets be the same color and the same quality, which is why buying a complete set from a retailer that sells split king sheets is best. It is also wise to purchase a split king mattress pad to compliment your new sheets.

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