A sofa bed is a popular way of providing a place to sleep for overnight guests when a guest room is unavailable.  These pieces of furniture provide a comfortable place to sit during the day and are easily converted into a bed when the time comes to get some rest.  Rather than asking friends and family to sleep on the floor or stay in a hotel, a couch with a pullout bad can be the perfect place for guests to rest and get some rejuvenation overnight.  Sofa bed quality has improved dramatically over the years and the days, or rather nights, of lumpy mattresses and poor quality is a thing of the past.

One challenge, however, might be finding queen sofa bed sheets that are designed to fit perfectly over the mattresses used in hide a beds.  Because the mattresses in these pieces of furniture are designed to be folded up and stowed away, they are much thinner than traditional mattress designs.  This can make finding a properly fitted set of sheets a bit problematic.  You may have tried to use a regular set of queen size sheets on a sofa bed mattress only to find that they looked sloppy and do not stay in place overnight.

Queen sofa bed sheets are available from Bed Linens Etc., that are designed with these odd sized mattresses in mind.  They fit snugly on the mattress and do not bunch up or pop off of the corners while your guests are sleeping.  High quality sheets are available that rival any that would be put on a regular bed.  Whether you are looking for 100% cotton or flannel, you are sure to find the style and quality that fits your needs and budget.  Like most sheet sets, the higher the thread count the better the quality and the longer they will last.

Having friends and family over for a visit can be a joyous time and providing them with a comfortable place to spend the night truly shows the graciousness of their host.  Properly sized, comfortable, and high quality queen sofa bed sheets do not have to cost a fortune and can be purchased online at incredibly affordable prices.  Rather than throwing on a set of ill fitting sheets or asking your guests to go without proper bedding altogether, why not make the investment and purchase a set of sheets for your sofa bed that will last for countless visits?


Sleep Well,


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