Now the time has come for you to purchase sofa bed sheets. Whether you need new sheets or you have just bought a sofa bed, there is no better time to buy than now! With the availability and prices of different bed sheets, you can practically find any style and size you need. When looking for bed sheets, especially sheets for your sofa bed, there are a couple of things to consider. There are different types of sofa beds, which type are you shopping for? Futon bed sheets are a little different than regular sofa sheets, so you’ll have to look for futon sheets instead.

Sofa bed sheets are basically made for sofa beds that leave the back of the sofa intact. You simply fold out the bed from beneath the cushions. You have to make sure you find the sheets that fit your particular style of sofa. Most of them are the metal fold out spring and frame design. If this is so, you probably have a full or queen sized mattress. These are the most popular sofa beds sold today. Finding the right sheets to fit your sofa means finding sheets that will stay in place when you fold out, or fold up, your sofa. 

Most of your sofa bed sheets will be made out of basic material like cotton. There are some options to find flannel or silk sheets, but you have to really look for those. The main difference between   is finding the right set of fitted sheets. Some lower end sheets are designed with straps that you can wrap about the bottom corners of the mattress to keep it in place when folding. The higher quality sofa bed sheets are attached at the bottom and are fitted to stay on. It’s nice to have so that your sheets won’t scrunch up into a wrinkled ball. Most people keep the sofa sheets on the bed to store them and save space in their linen closets. 

Of course, buying sofa bed sheets that are relatively thin will let the sofa close better. That’s why these particular bed sheets are available. If you use regular bedding sheets, you risk the chance of being unable to fold your sofa bed up properly. The other idea to remember is that having sheets for your sofa mattress will be better for your guests to sleep on. Regular sized bed sheets might be too large for the sofa mattress and move about not allowing your guests to get a comfortable sleep. Prices vary for sofa mattress sheets. You will definitely pay more for queen sized sofa bedding than for a full or twin sofa mattress. You will also want to consider a sofa bed mattress pad.

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