Getting the family together for the holidays, a graduation, a wedding, or other monumental event is a time of cleaning, setting up sleeping areas, and ensuring everyone will be comfortable in the various makeshift bedrooms you have created around your home.  Once everyone arrives, then it becomes a time of entertaining, fun, and laughter, but you must prepare for that time before the arrival of your guests.  Perhaps you have a sofa bed that would be perfect for two guests to sleep on, if only you had sofa bed sheets to put on it.  The convenience you thought you had now turns into a project of finding the right sheets.

 Fortunately, there are retailers who sell sofa bed sheet sets specifically for the purpose you are seeking.  The thing about sofa beds is they typically have thinner mattresses.  This means that attempting to put on standard full or queen size sheets may not work very well because the sheets are built to fit taller mattresses.  This leaves you with bunched up sheets in the morning instead of a smooth surface to sleep on all night.  There should be an informational tag on your sofa bed that gives precise dimensions so you know what to shop for.  


Since sofa bed mattresses are thinner, you should give lying on the bed a try before you assume it will be comfortable.  You may be shocked to find that you can feel the frame through the mattress.  You will be glad you tried out the bed yourself before making your guests sleep on something so uncomfortable.  To solve the problem, all you need is a sofa bed mattress pad in the same size as the mattress.  This can be placed beneath the sofa bed sheets to provide an added layer of comfort for a better night’s sleep for your guests.

No matter what quality of sheets you are looking for, you can expect to find them in sofa bed sizes as long as you find a reliable retailer.  You may choose something of an average quality because it is simply a sofa bed that will not be used with great frequency.  However, if you facilitate guests often, or you are looking to impress someone, you might certainly find it worthwhile to invest in bamboo sheets or cotton sheets with 300 or even 400 thread count.  That way, your guests will have a more comfortable night’s sleep on the softest sheets available.

Sleep Well,