Sofa beds are also known as a sleeper sofa or hide-away bed. They are designed to look like a sofa, but transform into a bed when necessary. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a sofa; many of these beds are often sold as a loveseat. Why would anyone want a sofa bed as opposed to a regular bed? The answer is quite simple; it serves as two pieces of furniture and it’s a great addition to a guest room. Or, it can be used as the main sofa in a living room then for a bed at night if the house is quite small. Over all it’s a great space saver. But, you also need sofa bed sheets to accommodate the comfort of the sofa bed.

So, where did sofa beds come from? They were originally installed in RV’s and motor homes to serve as space savers. There are lots of these types of beds available today. Some sofa beds can fold down the back like a futon. Or, the seat of the bed can fold out into a frame leaving the back of the sofa upright. Most sofa bed mattress sizes are twin, full or queen. Whatever style they are, you still need to have sofa bed sheets to dress it up. But, where can you find sheets for this type of bed?

Since sofa beds are designed to fold away, you don’t want to purchase a regular bed sheet set intended for a full or twin bed. Their bedding will make the bed harder to put away. Also, it’s best to purchase sofa bed sheets that are actually designed for the sofa bed. The sheets for a sofa bed will be fitted and won’t flip off or fold under when it’s folded up or out. Since many sofa beds are intended for guests, you want the sheets to be comfortable to sleep in. Looking for 200 – 400 count thread sheets is ideal for good comfort.

Most sofa bed sheets are available in cotton or the ever elusive flannel. You can also search bedding sites online to find sofa sheets for your oddly shaped sofa bed mattress. You will also want to consider getting a sofa bed mattress pad. Generally, the higher quality sheets you find, the more colors you can find that will fit your sofa bed’s patterns or designs. Sofa beds are a great addition to any home. They provide a quick solution for another bed and make a great space saver. You will also want to consider getting a sofa bed mattress pad for a more pleasurable nights sleep.

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