While there are many beds and bed sheets available today, there are just some unusual sizes that are still around. You might wonder what sort of bed requires three-quarter bed sheets. These sheets are specially made for antique beds that have an oddly sized mattress, 48”x75”. However, many of the three-quarter beds are no longer in production. Most of the bigger companies consider them obsolete in the furniture market. But, you can still find these beds and their sheets available online from other smaller companies. You just have to know where to look.

So, why would anyone want to purchase an antique bed? Doesn’t that mean it’s an old bed and harder to find stuff for it? Not necessarily, the internet has made searching for antique accessories much easier for any consumer. Antique beds are actually a nice and stylish addition for any guest room. Or, they can be used in the master bedroom to add flare and style. Whatever the reason, you’re looking into getting an antique bed, now you need a mattress and tasteful, three-quarter bed sheets to match. 

Most antique beds will not be sold with the original mattress. You have to think, no one wants a very old bed that comes with a very old mattress. I know I wouldn’t want that. Can you imagine all the worn springs on that old mattress? No, more often than not, you would have to purchase a new mattress along with new sheets. So, where do you look for three-quarter bed sheets and mattresses? By conducting a search online for three-quarter sheets and mattresses will bring back many hits from companies all over. You may not have much luck with the larger bed companies, so it’s important to give smaller, independent bedding companies a try. 

Look into those companies have other oddly shaped bed sheets. Other strange bed sheets are Olympic queensplit king, and sofa bed sheets. Searching with these keywords in mind can help you find the perfect bed sheets for your three-quarter bed. Also, search the company site to see if they have a variety of three-quarter sheet sets. Think about it, you just bought this antique bed, what’s worse than not finding the bed sheets you need in the colors you want? See if the company carries these sheets in a high thread count. Best thread counts for your money are between 200 and 400 threads. Nothing says a comfortable, good night’s sleep more than comfortable bed sheets. It is also recommended to get a three-quarter mattress pad to compliment your bedding.


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