The California king mattress is sometimes split into two mattresses in order to provide a less expensive or more functional sleeping surface. The two mattresses measure 36” x 84”. They are pushed together to make one very large bed, but the sheets for each mattress must be separate since each mattress will move and shift separately. Finding sheets for this size bed can be difficult since it is essentially a really long twin mattress. Sometimes XL twin sheets or even XXL twin sheets don’t cut it. Well fitting sheets and mattress pads are essential to a snug bed that is comfortable to sleep in. 

Beyond the different length and width requirements of the split California king sheets, the depth may come into play as well. Some mattresses have extra padding or pillow tops that make them much deeper than standard mattresses. In this case, the sheets should allow for the extra depth or else they will slip off easily. Deep pocket and extra deep pocket sheets can make up for the extra depth and keep the sheets on the bed snugly. There is nothing worse than the sheets falling off the bed in the middle of the night and having to make up the bed every morning. 
Split California king sheets are not sufficient to protect the mattresses and keep them in great shape for years to come. With an investment in such a luxurious bed it is a must to protect it with a mattress pad. Mattress pads in the specialized split California king size are available to protect the mattress and keep it comfortable for years to come. Proper rotation and protection will keep the bed from wear and tear and over used spots. Both pads and sheets on a split bed must remain separate for the most comfort and least problems. 
Split California king sheets are available in high quality cotton like Egyptian cotton in high thread counts, or silk, sateen, and flannel. They come in every conceivable type of sheet that is known. Favorites are easily found in most specialty online bedding sites, like Bed Linens Etc. Custom orders are often an everyday part of Bed Linens Etc. so that the perfect sheets can be ordered for the personal tastes of the individual. They come in all kinds of colors and coordinate will with other bedding like the bedskirt and bedspread. Sets come with two fitted sheets, top sheet, and two king pillowcases. 
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