Adjustable beds bring a whole new list of concerns when it comes to bedding. These beds shift and move so that you can elevate the head or feet as needed for comfort. In order to ensure that your sheets always stay in place and easily accommodate these adjustments, it's best to get custom adjustable bed sheet sets that were made for just this purpose. These sets will have the extra room that you need to keep the sheets in place while still enjoying all the adjustable features of your bed.


The biggest factor to consider when you're purchasing adjustable bed sheet sets is whether or not your bed is split. A split bed has two mattresses that are separately adjustable. Though they sit side by side, they are two different items. Most adjustable beds do have a split configuration, but this is not true of all. Some adjustable beds are composed of a single flexible mattress on top of an adjustable support frame that can be pulled up at the head or foot for different elevations. Make sure you know what kind of bed you have so you can purchase the proper sheets.

If you've never had a split bed before, you may not be familiar with the best way to set up your bedding. Adjustable bed sheet sets that are designed for split beds are the best option. These will give you two separate fitted sheets for the individual mattresses along with a single top sheet so the unit still functions as a single bed. When you're purchasing sheets for a split bed, the size is usually indicated by the measurement of the entire bed. Thus, if both sides together equal the measurements of a standard king, you should look for split king adjustable bed sheets. It is bed to measure and make sure you have the correct mattress size.

Adjustable beds are usually set up with a single top sheet, blanket, and comforter. Thus, the bed looks like one unit when it's made. It's only obvious that the bed is split when you get beneath the covers. However, if you and your partner like to sleep in dramatically different configurations, it may be best to have separate top sheets and blankets as well. If you prefer that the bed still look like a single unit when made, place a single comforter over top of your separate blankets and sheets and just set this aside at night. Comfort is the most important consideration for your bed. Bed Linens Etc. has the adjustable  and split bed sheet sets you need to sleep soundly.