A high quality mattress is an important component of any home. Mattresses not only provide us with comfort during our sleeping hours, but also while reading, watching television, and working on business or school work. While it is not a necessity, most individuals choose to cover their mattresses with sheets and bedspreads—and therefore, and expected to know the size of the mattress in question. While there are a number of different sizes of mattresses available, the most common include twin, full, king and queen options. Be sure you are confident about the size of your mattress before selecting sheets or bedspreads for your product!

As mentioned above, twin mattresses are one of the most commonly found types of mattresses. Despite its name, most twin mattresses are only designed to be used by one adult or child at a time—though a parent and child may be able to squeeze into the small space. Twin mattresses are great for spare rooms, daybeds, bunk beds, and basements. They are also referred to by the name of single mattresses, though this is more common in areas outside of the Unite States.

The full mattress is another popular type of mattress that is found widely around the world. Full mattresses are typically manufactured in sizes of 54 by 75 inches, which can comfortably fit one adult—and may be able to accommodate two adults. While this was a popular option for married couples in the 1960s and 1970s, the product is being used by a single individual on a more and more frequent basis. Couples who do opt for this product typically have it special ordered in a longer size.

The queen mattress, which measures 60 by 80 inches, is the most popular type of mattress sold in the world. While this mattress is most commonly used by married couples, it can also work well for singles who simply want a bit of extra room. The prevalence of queen mattresses around the world means that finding bedspreads and sheets in unique colors or styles—such as those with deep pocket or extra deep pocket features—is no longer a problem.

Finally, king mattresses have grown substantially in popularity during the last several years. As one might guess, these are the largest of all mattresses, and measure 76 by 80 inches. King mattresses are great options for couples who enjoy sleeping together—but want to maintain their space. California king mattresses are a unique version of the king which offers an extra four inches of length at the bottom of the bed.

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