A mattress pad is an important part of any well-dressed bed. While you may not always think about this detail when you're setting up a new bedroom set, you'll quickly realize the difference after a night or two without one. A quality Queen XL mattress pad will serve many important functions on your bed. If you're not using a good mattress pad, keep reading to learn just why you need to invest in this important bedroom accessory. Queen XL is also refered to as a California Queen.


Your California Queen mattress pad acts as a barrier between the sheets and mattress. Without this pad, you'll be sleeping directly on the surface of the mattress with just a thin sheet between you and the potentially uncomfortable texture of the mattress top. With a layer of padding between, you're going to enjoy a much greater degree of comfort. There are lots of different options in mattress pads. You can choose a thin pad that offers just enough padding to conceal the texture of the mattress, or a thick and luxurious mattress pad that gives you the softness you need to drift off to pleasant dreams.

In the winter months, a thick mattress pad will also make your bed warmer. The temperature that you prefer to sleep in is an important consideration when you're choosing a mattress pad. If you like to be warm and cozy, choose a mattress pad accordingly that will keep you warm. If you're in a warm climate and want to minimize the heat in your bed, a thin and lightweight mattress pad will help to keep you cool.

A Queen XL mattress pad is also important for protecting your mattress from spills and stains. If you drink in bed, there's always the possibility of spilling a glass of water onto the sheets. While you can wash everything on top of the mattress, you can't wash the mattress itself. The mattress pad will offer an added layer of protection so you can keep your mattress clean. If children sleep in the bed often, a waterproof mattress pad will offer added protection. Bed Linens Etc. has lots of choices for you to explore.

There are lots of great reasons to invest in a Queen XL mattress pad for your bed. Whether you're interested in comfort, warmth, or stain protection, a quality mattress pad can meet your needs. While you don't always need to wash your mattress pad as often as you wash the sheets, you should plan to launder it at least once a month. This will keep your whole bed fresh and clean.

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