Buying full sofa bed sheets online offers convenience, competitive pricing, and the ability to find sheets for even the hardest to fit mattress. However, there are some things you should know to improve your overall experience buying sheets (or any other bedding) online. Knowing your particular sofa bed mattress dimensions, the height (thickness) of your mattress, and educating yourself on thread counts and fabric choices will make the buying process easier. Not to mention, you will be more likely to get the right sheets for your sofa bed – sheets that fit properly and offer guests the most comfortable sleep.

Full sofa bed sheets are not all made the same. Since there are so many choices available for sofa beds, it’s not uncommon for there to be slight variations in mattress sizes. A standard full size sheet might not fit on a full size sofa bed. The mattresses on a sofa bed are often thinner, which can affect the fit of both fitted and flat sheets. Additionally, with a thinner mattress, many standard sheets bunch, wrinkle, and pop off of a sofa bed mattress. Sheets made specifically for sofa beds are constructed to help avoid this uncomfortable dilemma. The flat sheets are often sewn to the fitted sheet to help prevent bunching and popping off.
Thread count and fabric choices play a big role in the overall comfort and durability of a full sofa bed sheets. Thread counts under 200 are generally not as soft or as durable as higher thread counts. If your sofa bed is not used often, durability of the sheets might not be as big a concern since the sheets will likely not be used often. However, consider your guests’ comfort. Softer sheets provide a more comfortable night’s sleep, so a higher thread count will provide more comfort for your guests.
Likewise, fabric choices will also play a big role in the full sofa bed sheets you select. If you purchase sheets online, you won’t have the opportunity to feel the sheets before you buy them. Therefore, understanding the effects of fabric selection will help you decide what sheets to buy. For example, while flannel sheets are durable and soft, the fabric can be heavy and uncomfortable in hot weather. Similarly, silk sheets offer luxurious softness, but can be cold when you first hop into bed. These might not be an ideal choice for winter guests. By keeping these points in mind while shopping online you stand a better chance of getting the best sheets for your money.
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