A mattress pad, including a sofa bed mattress pad serves several purposes that extend the quality and life of your mattress. Not only do these pads offer an additional layer of cushiony comfort to your bed, they also offer protection for your mattress from dead skin and oils, spills, and stains as well as helping sheets to stay firmly in place. A well-fitted sheet should stay in place, but with the addition of a well-fitted pad, sheets are even less likely to shift or bunch. The added protection from dirt and grime extends mattress life and maintains good hygiene.

sofa bed mattress pads is an excellent way to add a layer of padding to your sofa bed. By their very nature, sofa bed mattresses are not as thick as a typical bed mattress. They must fold up into the couch or sofa, meaning their thickness is limited. By adding a thick, high quality pad, you can increase the depth of a sofa mattress to make it more comfortable to sleep on. Your guests will appreciate the extra padding, especially on older sofa beds where the center bar can often be felt through the mattress.
sofa bed mattress pad also serves as a protective layer for your mattress. By helping to absorb spills and stains, mattress pads allow you to save your mattress from damage. Additionally, rather than have these spills on a mattress that would require professional cleaning, a mattress pad can easily be removed and machine-washed. In terms of dead skin cells and skin oils, mattress pads help keep your mattress clean and less inclined to attract mites and other insects that feed on organic matter. To keep your sofa bed clean and free of mites, remove your mattress pad and clean it often.


Ideally, you should purchase sofa bed sheets that properly fit your mattress. However, even the best fitting sheet can benefit from a sofa bed mattress pad. As your guests sleep, more flexible fabrics, such as flannel, can stretch and lose their shape. This can disrupt the fit of the sheet. With a mattress pad, sheets are less likely to stretch while a person sleeps. The fibers of a mattress pad help “grab” sheet fibers, making the sheet less likely to shift and move. Therefore, in addition to adding comfort, protecting your mattress from dirt and grime, your mattress pad can make a guest’s stay more comfortable by keeping sheets in place. 

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