Extra long mattresses are available from certain retailers for added comfort. If you're particularly tall, you may find that an extra long bed gives you more comfort than standard sizes. For most beds, the length of the mattresses decreases along with the width, which can make twin mattresses very uncomfortable for adults. If you're not sure whether your mattress is standard sized, or in the extra long category, there are few ways that you can tell whether you need those extra long sheets.

The first sign that you may have an extra long mattress will come when you try to put standard fitted sheets on. An extra long mattress won't fit your regular sheets nearly as well. If you're been struggling to just barely slip that pocket over the corner of the bed, you may have a mattress with special needs in the sheets department. A specialty retailer like Bed Linens Etc., can provide you with the sheets that you need for a perfect fit.

You can also determine the size of your bed with a simple tape measure. The standard measurements for a twin mattress are 39" x 75". A standard full measures 54" x 75". A Queen size mattress should measure 60" x 80". If your bed fits one of these corresponding width measurements but is coming up long, it probably needs extra long sheets. Compare with these extra long measurements to find out:

      • Twin XL – 39" x 80"
      • Twin XL – 39" x 80"
      • Twin XXL – 39" x 84"
      • Full XL – 54" x 80"
      • Full XXL - 54" x 84"
      • Queen XL 60" x 84"

Bed Linens Etc. has a reference page with all bed sizes.

If you've determined that you need extra long sheets, don't stop your measurements there. You should go for the best fit possible when you're purchasing new sheets, which means measuring the depth of your mattress as well.If you keep any kind of topper on your mattress, include this in the measurements since your sheets need to cover this up, too. Deep pocket and extra deep pocket sheets are available for mattresses that are anywhere from 16" to 25" deep. With the right sheets, you're going to get a better night's sleep than ever before.

Bed Linens Etc. is a specialty bedding store that offers just what you need to dress your bed up right. You'll find sheets for every size bed, including those elusive extra long sheets. Stop struggling with bedding that's too big or too small for the mattress that you're sleeping on. Get the right fit at an affordable price by shopping Bed Linens Etc. They even carry mattress pads and bed skirts for any length bed.


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