Buying a separate set of bed sheets for your sofa bed may not sound like it makes a lot of sense, but when you consider how different that sofa bed is from a standard bed you'll see why it deserves its own set of sheets.  If you have a sofa bed and frequently use it for guests, the kids, or even for yourself, having the best sheets for it is important.  A queen sized sofa bed, for example, needs a queen sofa bed sheet set, not a standard sheet set designed for your regular bed.  The difference is size.

Most people think a queen sofa bed is roughly the same length and width as a standard queen mattress, the length and thickness are where the big difference is.  A standard mattress will be anywhere from one to two feet thick, while a sofa bed is usually between four and six inches thick.  That difference in thickness means that slipping a standard queen sheet onto the sofa bed will end in a loose fit, bunching of the sheet, and usually in more than one corner coming free and creating a headache for your guest.  A queen sofa bed sheet set is a better option.

A queen sofa bed sheet features dimensions of six inches thick and 60x74 inches in overall size.  This lets the sheet fit the entire queen size bed but at the same time is shallow enough to slip over the corners of the bed and get a good, snug fit that will last.  The option of deep pocket and extra deep pockets helps to make them a perfect fit for any bed.  And since you can find these sheets in any material you would normally be able to buy standard sheets in, you'll get to create the perfect sleeping experience for your guests.

If comfort is the main goal, cotton sofa bed sheets are available in three hundred up to one thousand thread counts.  The higher the thread count, the silkier the sheet will feel.  But there are also bamboo sheets designed for warm climates and flannel sheets made for those cold nights.  No matter where you live or what you're in need of, there's a queen sofa bed sheet that is right for you.  You just have to take the time to find it.  Don't try to put a standard sheet on the sofa bed and hope for the best.  It's a mistake your guests won't appreciate. Bed Linens Etc. also stocks Sofa Bed Mattress Pads to compliment you sheet set.


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